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  • What are realistic soft costs (in California) ?
    Replied April 19, 2013
    Ben, I'm I beginning investor here in Los Angeles as well & have heard the stories of insurance coverage for investment and rehab properties - yes, much higher for vacant pr... See more
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  • Investment Club in Los Angeles
    Replied March 30, 2013
    K. Marie Poe I suspect REIC hasn't changed much except that Phyllis while still around has decided to focus more on her investing so Steve & Robyn Love book the speakers an... See more
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  • What I don't understand about wholesaling REOs
    Replied March 29, 2013
    Go out and meet the Listing REO Brokers. Actually you'll probably have more luck meeting the agents in their office which is just fine. The Listing Broker's job - sell his off... See more
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