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  • Looking to connect & build a Team in Knoxville TN MSA
    Started August 5, 2018
    Looking to connect & build a Team in Knoxville area to work with for small commercial multifamily purchase and rehab.  If you are interested at any level, please contact me.... See more
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  • Equity Build Finance, LLC
    Replied July 19, 2018
    That boat is starting to get crowded.  Count me in (the boat).   I have had some similar experiences to the above.  I'll update later in the near future since I'm trying to deci... See more
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  • GROUNDFLOOR Crowdfunding Site
    Replied December 12, 2017
    I am a consumer of some the Groundfloor loans.  As far as statements, administrative clarity:  I give GF good marks.  I always know where I stand.Availability of private loans: ... See more
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