Roger Lin

19 January 2016

Liz helped me with the sale of an investment property. The property had been a rental for almost 10 years, still in good condition but needed some work. Liz advised me on what would make the biggest impact and set a very reasonable budget for it. Within a week after I gave her the listing, the house was ready for market. It was under contract in about two weeks and sold within the next 4 weeks. I am very happy with her work, responsiveness and she really understands how an investor thinks.

Jeff Bridges

25 January 2016

Liz dramatically helped improve my search for buy and hold investment property in the DC/MD/VA area and I recently closed on my first SFR acquisition with her as my agent. What differentiates her from other agents I've used in the past is that she has provided me the resources of a large real estate acquisition firm to a small-time investor. She saved me time analyzing MLS leads so I was able to quickly respond with purchase offers for great opportunities and have all of the tools needed to identify those profitable opportunities. Liz's true value proposition is in her unique ability to present the very best MLS leads over the past 1-3 days in a single feature-rich spreadsheet so I can quickly review, analyze, and make an offer if one meets my criteria. You can liken this to automated emailed agent leads that we are all accustomed to, only on steroids. No other agent has access to her one-of-a-kind analytics program she employs that allows her to identify and present the very best recently MLS listed prospects. As a result of Liz's analytics program, I now spend considerably less time each day hunting for MLS leads and plugging and chugging to see if a potential lead might work for me. She also helps me with the spreadsheets and analytical tools needed to help me evaluate the leads so I can make informed decisions. Liz also has extensive experience evaluating buy and hold/ Fix and Flip properties for profitability. I appreciated being able to leverage her extensive prior experience performing market research and real estate acquisition strategy for large firms and I really feel like she is a valuable member of my real estate team. I recommend her to all investors looking for help on searching for properties to purchase, especially those that need assistance with evaluating profitability of those purchases and identifying purchase criteria for your investment goals. She provides an “unfair advantage” to small-time investors with limited time to quickly evaluate and respond to new market opportunities.

Brandon L.

13 September 2018

Brandon is a great real estate agent and he really cares about his clients- they rave about him. His interest in real estate investing and past experience makes him a great agent to work with. He's able to learn quickly and respond quickly to anything that comes his way... and his knowledge of multiple markets makes his experience broader than many other agents. I've been impressed!

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