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  • Good autopay for non tech savy tenants?
    Replied December 22, 2015
    Go to your bank and ask if they have deposit cards. They are just like a debit card but you can only make deposits. Wells Fargo and Chase have them. We have been doing this for ... See more
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  • Trying to get my wife to become real estate professional!
    Replied March 22, 2015
    I could not have got in the game without my wife. We have acquired 3 single family homes in the last year and a half. She was in the medical field and wasn't really happy. Since... See more
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  • Self storage unit set up
    Started February 9, 2015
    Sorry for not being more clear, the 5x5 units have roll up doors and are secure. There are 4 units on each side of a "hallway" and that hall has a roll up door, so from the outs... See more
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