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  • Contractor HAS my money...but no work...
    Replied January 23, 2018
    Sounds like you two need to get together and hash this on the phone. As always I've learned a lot from this post.. This is the most entertaining post I've seen on BP in a long t... See more
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  • Newbie from central Illinois
    Replied January 1, 2018
    Hello @Libby BaugherI am an investor here in Bloomington. I am also looking to expand outside my backyard. I currently have 37 Units. Just closed on a 5 Unit last Friday. There ... See more
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  • St. Louis REI Happy Hour!
    Replied December 21, 2017
    Hello @Megan GreathouseYour last name is Greathouse?!? How awesome is that for a Real Estate Investor. AND you're a Marine.. very cool.. I am a Marine as well. Would love to att... See more
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