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Marcus Auerbach

25 October 2017

Meeting Marcus early in my real estate investing journey was game-changing, to say the least. As a newbie, I was struggling to find the right neighborhood, the right strategy, and found myself overwhelmed with information. I reached out to Marcus after reading a comment he had written on a blog post. What grabbed my attention was his focus on being ethical and principled, viewing buy-and-hold investing through a lens of social responsibility. I knew I had to meet him. In our first meeting, Marcus took the time to present market data, examine key indicators, and discuss strategy. He was patient and offered to meet again to dig in on next steps. I was thrilled because not only was he an agent who understands investing, he is a very successful investor and rehabber himself. Within a matter of weeks, Marcus helped me identify my farm area, determine a smart strategy, all the while showing me houses and teaching me about what to look for, how to estimate rehab costs, and the best strategies for writing offers. When we found my first deal, we both knew it right away. I got a great deal on a great house in a solid neighborhood with excellent schools. Marcus helped me think through the rehab, connected me with excellent, affordable contractors, and mentored me through every step of the process. When I was struggling with tenant applications, Marcus took my calls and gave excellent advice. For him it comes naturally: treat people well; operate with integrity; and bring credibility to what we do as investors. Let's be real: no matter how many books you read and podcasts you listen to, nothing can replace the value of having a great agent and mentor. Marcus is the guy you want in your corner!

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