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  • Wave 2 of Market crash
    Replied October 25, 2008
    I have to agree with the original post. This is definitely not over. I'm currently using all of the fundamental economic data to grow my forex account. Even as crazy as the mar... See more
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  • What TV Shows Are You Watching these Days?
    Replied October 25, 2008
    Heroes (just gotta watch it -- this season looks like it will make up for that poor 2nd season) I'm still waiting on 24! (Nov. 23rd!!) CSI and CSI:Miami Stargate: SG1 and At... See more
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  • "ChiTown's Finest" Investor :)
    Started October 23, 2008
    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the welcome! Right now, I haven't been doing much in the Chicago area just because of one company I was working with. This I would like to change. I've bee... See more
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