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  • Anyone Use VoIP Telephone?
    Replied February 17, 2007
    Originally posted by "biggerpo":I was wondering if anyone uses VoIP for phone service. If so, how is the service? Any thoughts? Advantages/Disadvantages? I use SunRocket (h... See more
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  • 100% Investor Financing Specialist
    Replied February 10, 2007
    Originally posted by "spizzo":Hi, Quick question, how is it that you can do 100% investor financing? I have been told by our mortgage specialists that it isn't being allowed ... See more
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  • FSBO Websites
    Replied February 10, 2007
    A free FSBO website with a high rating on Google is - no fee, put as many pictures as you want, your own description & then advertise your specific pro... See more
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