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  • What am I missing?
    Replied March 7, 2009
    Joe, You will need to interview at least 3 Real Estate agents that specialize as “Buyer's Agent” in the Areas you want to buy, and choose the one you feel more confident wit... See more
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  • Asked to go into default by mortgage company.
    Replied March 3, 2009
    Mike, I did mentioned about calling back to the Lenders based on my experience. Several times a Loan Mod was turn down, just to find out the very next day that different Custome... See more
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  • Where to get financing ?
    Replied March 2, 2009
    Rachel, or somebody who knows, what lenders are doing loans for clients who want to purchase Manufactured Home in Parks. I'm in Southern California and it's hard to get this typ... See more
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