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    Replied December 28, 2015
    Wendy Patton also has a lot of informative videos on YouTube. She posts videos of her Q&A sessions with coaching students. You'll learn pretty much everything you need to kn... See more
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  • 2016 is almost here! What are your REI goals for next year?
    Replied December 28, 2015
    I met my 2015 goal of getting started in wholesaling and doing my first deal.In 2016, my goal is to do four wholesale deals a month, with an average profit per deal at $10,000.Y... See more
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  • Thoughts on real estate agents carrying firearms...
    Replied December 28, 2015
    I'm in south GA as well. It doesn't bother me to see anyone openly carrying. I plan to be one of those people very soon. My old quiet, safe college & military town just isn'... See more
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