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  • Tax Laws and Changes
    Replied January 28, 2018
    After more investigation, it appears to me that if a married filing jointly couple has less than $315,000 of taxable income then all of their Schedule E income would qualify for... See more
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  • Tax Laws and Changes
    Replied January 27, 2018
    I heard the new tax law allows first year expensing. Does that apply to appliances, flooring, etc.  Are residential rental buildings still going to be depreciated over 27.5?  Wh... See more
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  • Are robot vacuums useful for cleaning rentals?
    Started December 20, 2017
    My thinking was that it would just be a tool for the cleaners— instead of a normal vacuum. They would inspect the area to be vacuumed and then turn it on while the human cleaner... See more
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