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  • Where do you go to find REO's?
    Replied March 12, 2009
    Realtors and MLS are not the only sources for buying REO's. You can also find asset managers who have multi bank and/or private lender relationships. They may sell one at a ti... See more
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  • Is this a good buy?
    Replied March 12, 2009
    A wide investor will not even consider this deal. We sell $40k homes with $750-$850 net cash flow with an 80% LTV. If you keep it as a rental, you'll need to consider a proper... See more
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  • Bank Owned Suggestions?
    Replied March 12, 2009
    Free Enterprise...ain't it great? Many bankers have no Idea what an empty house is costing them. If you provide a BPO, many just shake their heads and say I'll wait to get mor... See more
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