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  • Quick Survey: How Did You Discover BiggerPockets?
    Replied April 22, 2018
    I was a wannabe REI a few years ago and started googling. When I found a post by BP I was really impressed with the amount and type of information provided, so I poked around...... See more
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  • Craigslist Rental Scam
    Replied April 21, 2018
    @Raman Bindlish - thanks. It still blows my mind that someone went to this length: rip off posting, breaking and entering, and attempting to rent to multiple families... but I g... See more
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  • Craigslist Rental Scam
    Replied April 20, 2018
    @Wesley W. I believe there is an option with CL to not have an address - my wife @Vera Rosen is a property manager and real estate agent, so she handles the postings. My underst... See more
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