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  • LLC, company, or going personal.
    Replied October 5, 2007
    If you plan on pulling equity out on a refi you better speak to your lender about the qualifications for seasoning on title - I teach about this in every seminar and still it co... See more
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  • Right Or Wrong Steps?
    Replied December 15, 2006
    18 - no money ... not even a private lender. Seriously. I'll loan almost anyone money on the right deal but they have to at least have experience. I applaude you for your effort... See more
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  • Forgivable Sellers Second?
    Replied December 15, 2006
    Yes there is such a thing as a forgivable second. HOWEVER it does consitute mortgage fraud when a SELLER creates and allows a seller second and the BUYER submits the loan applic... See more
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