Brian Gibbons's References

Brian was more than willing to have a very in depth telephone conversation with me in regards to many real estate investing strategies. His time and knowledge was truly appreciated. I approached Brian with many questions regarding master leases and his answered all of them in great detail. He even provided insight to . alternative approaches that he has seen success from. Definitely a mind that you need to tap into if given the chance!

Relationship: Advice Giver . Written 06 Jan 08:47

Brian has been a great mentor/coach. He knows the lease option business forwards and back. He is compassionate and thorough in his teaching. I am so glad to have found him here on BP. I am sure that as I put his techniques to work I will begin making regular money in crei.

Brian has excellent materials available on his web site.

I spoke with Brian for a couple hours this week and he answered my questions regarding Dodd/Frank, L/O assignments, target markets, and a variety of other items. He described a plan of action I can pursue and areas of opportunity previously unbeknownst to me. I have much more to learn and Brian provided a nice boost of knowledge to set me down the right track. I appreciate the time he took to speak with me and I look forward to speaking with him again!

Relationship: Colleague/Coach. Written 27 Jun 11:00

I reached out to Brian to pick his brain on trying to put together a game plan for getting started in investing. He very generously offered his time, perspective, and experience as he got to know me and what my goals and desires are. He was able to help me clarify a strategy for getting started and offered to assist me on my journey.

Relationship: BP colleague . Written 10 Mar 20:34

Brian thank you for the consult. Your creative financing knowledge is unlimited. Brian can definitely help you build a repeatable Real Estate Investing Business that is a win win win for you, sellers an buyers.

Relationship: Consultant. Written 16 Sep 13:19

I had an opportunity to talk to Brian over the phone and the experience was amazing! He's straight forward and tells you like it is no hold bars. A trait not many people have, he actually took his time to explain my next moves and what I need to prepare.

Relationship: Acquaintance. Written 29 Jun 15:35

Brian generously spent quite a bit of time to share several of his smart, seller-centric strategies with me. I plan to implement his wisdom as I work on my investments. If you need a good coach/mentor, Brian has what it takes.

Relationship: Coaching Session. Written 17 Jul 20:50

I had a 30 min. phone consultation with Brian today and it was extremely enlightening! I'm an aspiring real estate investor, and the vast wealth of information available about REI has easily became overwhelming for me-- to the point where it was difficult to determine which approach to this business would the best fit for my ultimate goals. I gave Brian a rundown of what I've done so far in my business, and he graciously provided me invaluable advice about how to finance deals, how to analyze and recognize profitable deals, and how to find and approach the right type of RE agents. He even gave me state-specific advice, which was a great help in determining which strategies are most effective while maintaining compliance with applicable rules and regulations. He is as genuine as a mentor can be, and he truly cares about the success of your and your REI business!

Relationship: Student/Consultee. Written 23 Sep 16:55

I had a 30 minute free phone conversation with Mr. Gibbons in which he actually went out of his way and stayed a few minutes longer on the line to give me right advice I needed. Very impressed with his knowledge in the field, before I was afraid because there were certain things I needed to know before I get started. Now I'm ready to act! Great coach I definitely recommend Mr Gibbons advice to anyone seeking help.

Relationship: student investor . Written 07 Oct 16:01

Brian was so kind to talk with me for almost an hour last week free of charge. We spoke about sub2 deal structure, how to talk to motivated sellers and he gave me some great advice for the future. He spoke about his 1:1 coaching program and I will definitely consider it in the future when I am ready to ramp up my business. Thanks, Brian!

Relationship: Fellow investor. Written 13 Oct 12:45

Talked with Brian for an hour about deal structuring, L/O, owner financing, JV, private lenders and talking with sellers. He was patient enough to walk me through the steps of presenting offers to sellers that fit their needs. Most important to me was the fact that he gave actionable steps that I can implement immediately! I appreciate your time Brian and I look forward to keeping in touch.

Relationship: Colleague . Written 03 Nov 16:00

I visited Brian's website,, in order to learn more about Lease Options. In doing so, I found an option for a free 30 minute consultation. I thought this meant that one of Brian's employees would speak to me about his program and what he can offer.

However, the call I received was directly from Brian. He went over and beyond what I expected from the call! We spoke for nearly 90 minutes about anything and everything to do with Real Estate investing.

We discussed lease options, lease purchases, installment sales, and a number of tips and tricks that can be implemented to help build a successful Real Estate business. While I have not signed up for his one-on-one training course, I plan to explore that option early next year.

I have no doubt that Brian is a genuine, hardworking person, and that he would be an INVALUABLE asset to anyone trying to build a business in Real Estate. I just hope he still has availability in his program when I'm ready!

Relationship: Future Student. Written 16 Nov 11:02

Just got off the phone with Brian and spent just about an hour talking REI. I didn't even realize he only offered a 30 min consultation phone call. Talk about a bonus! We discussed Lease to Own, Expired Listings, Joint Ventures and various other out of the box REI strategies. I definitely would recommend anyone to reach out to Brian for advice.

Relationship: knowledge seeker . Written 21 Jan 12:11

Brian's continued input on BiggerPockets has been immensely helpful towards advancing my understanding of real estate investing in general, but more specifically, with creative financing and lease options, It's difficult to find a legitimate real estate investing coach that will offer Brian's level of expertise for top dollar, and I am forever grateful that he put this information out there for free.

Thank you so much, Brian for the priceless info that you have given to this community!


Relationship: Fellow Investor. Written 21 Jan 12:30

Brian has provided an abundance of knowledge for everyone to use making it as easy as can be to start making money in real estate. He shows he has a real passion for what he does and in helping others succeed.

Relationship: Student/ Teacher. Written 08 Apr 20:29

I just got off the phone with Brian and the amount that I learned in 30 minutes was worth easily hundreds of dollars. He told be about my specific market and striates such as marketing, wholesaling and lease options. Give him a call and he can teach you ways to make great money and succeed in your own market.

Relationship: Phone Call. Written 12 Jan 11:45

I spoke to Brian for about 45 minutes this afternoon and i am happy to say i gain some knowledge and it was refreshing to have someone walk you through couple of scenarios without any sales pitch or product sell.

Gain some knowledge and information on Lease options and Lease purchase with right to occupy. Different methods to market your property, and re-emphasize the importance of assembling a strong team to be successful. All this with the mindset of solving problems for individuals and making a good income through it. Glad i made the connection!

Thanks Brian

Relationship: potential student. Written 17 Mar 14:30

Brian and I spoke on the phone after I read through his free training. Brian Answered questions I had over the training as well as gave me tips on how to grow my own real estate investing business. Brian explained to me how I should be marking in my area with the amount of capital that I have, and even some creative financing tools which I can use to accquire real estate. Brian was very helpful and generous with his knowledge about real estate, so shout out to Brian Gibbons for being so kind and helpful

Relationship: instructor. Written 06 Feb 10:35

I appreciate all the great info you share with BP members. As a new investor, reading your personal testimonies helped build my confidence and contributed to me pulling the trigger on my first deals. I've put a lot of your advice into practice during my first year as an investor. Thanks for sharing

Relationship: BP Colleague. Written 10 Feb 20:21

I want to start off by saying that before I decided to take the leap and become a student of Brian's coaching/mentoring program, I was a bit overwhelmed on where to start with real estate. I was really leaning on going down the Lease Option route, but didn't know where to start. I was reading a post and stumbled across Brian. The content he provided in the post was very informative and insightful, as were all his other posts I found. The more I read the more I realized that he was the person that I needed to talk to in order for me to get on the right path. The day I talked to Brian he was very courteous and insightful. He more than took his time and answered all my questions and really opened my eyes to all the strategies that are out there. After my conversation with Brian I really felt a sense of relief and had a more keen sense of direction. Although, I had never considered getting a mentor I knew that if I really wanted to achieve my real estate dream I needed to make Brian a part of my team.

I just want to start off by saying that taking that leap and becoming a student of Brian's was the best decision of my life. Although, I have only been a student of Brian's for only a little over a month the material I have learned has really been instrumental to building my business. In just a little over a month I've learned how to structure a Lease Option, Sub2, Wrap Around Mortgage, Seller Carry Back Mortgage, Joint Venture Partnerships, and much more. The negotiation tactics Brian has taught me on how to talk to motivated sellers has really built a foundation for me. Although, I am still very new to real estate investing I know that with Brian's guidance and the plan he has made for me that I am very close to getting my first deal.

I know that this is a little over due, but I'd really like to give Brian the recognition he deserves and thank him for everything he has done for me.

Relationship: Student/Colleague. Written 20 Feb 21:38

Hi BiggerPockets Family,

Brian is phenomenal! We spent an half hour planning strategies for my business. We specifically talked about getting my license and how that would greatly benefit me ensuring me to work with an agent that is comfortable with creative investing. We talked about how to get leads. He expressed that wholesaling is for the blue collar areas and not white collared areas. We also talked about really getting banks to work with your tenant-buyers to help them get a mortgage. We also talked about marketing strategies, lease option assignment and specifically using an option fee as a discount on the sales price and not as a down payment toward the purchase price at the end. Be aware of the Dodd-Frank Act. He suggested that I read the book "Shift" by Gary Keller. He gave some very valuable information ( as he always does on BP) and he left me very confident in the my future endeavors as an entrepreneur. Squeezed so much information in small time. Thanks again Brian!

Relationship: Business/Advice. Written 29 Apr 16:34

I just wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge Brian for his exemplary knowledge and support. Brian and I had a conversation yesterday regarding a potential LO/Sub2 deal that I have on the table. Brian was nice enough to take the time out of his day to brainstorm with me on options that would be just as appealing to the buyer as they would be to the seller. I was very impressed with Brian's knowledge of Lease Options, Sub2, financing, and wholesaling and was even more impressed the his willingness to educate me on subjects I was previously unfamiliar with.

I would highly recommend Brian's services to anyone and would strongly encourage you to seek his advice on all of your Subject 2 and Lease Option deals.

Relationship: I am a consultee of Brian's. Written 25 Jun 09:04

Genuine, Authentic & Knowledgeable. These are some of words that best described my encounter with Brian. He is always willing to take out time to consult with you and guide you in the right direction. I had a chance to look at some of his material and it was straight forward, focused and well organized. If you are looking for quality mentoring on creative financing Brian Gibbons is your guy

Relationship: Brian is a colleague . Written 01 Jun 17:10

Thanks very much Brian for your ideas on how I can build my business helping our fellow Veterans get into homes. I hadn't thought of many of the ones you suggested, so greatly appreciated your insight.

Your years of experience and down to earth approach makes you a solid choice for those wishing to learn more about real estate investing!

Thanks very much again!

Relationship: BP Connection. Written 16 Aug 11:49

I spoke with Brian a couple days ago he provided me a good knowledge about lease option and lease option assignment. I really appreciate the time he took to speak with me and I look forward to working with him someday. Thanks Brian

Relationship: BP Colleague/Future Mentor. Written 15 Sep 16:00

I spoke with Brian in regards to Dodd-Frank and he was a wealth of knowledge. He gave me some ideas on how to maintain compliance and some work around ideas to think about. Definitely worth the phone conversation as you can tell he has a lot of experience and passion for this industry!

Relationship: Business Acquaintance . Written 23 Oct 13:47

I was surprised to get a call from Brian. He was immensely helpful. He took his time to answer all my questions in detail. I wish I could take notes faster! Brian was easy to talk with, genuinely caring and helpful for my success. Thank you!

Relationship: follower/ student. Written 09 Apr 22:20

I called Brian Gibbons seeking help with a Joint Venture deal. Brian took the time to teach me how to identify great JV deals in any market, but he didn't stop there. He covered various creative options to land deals most investors would walk away from. This guy is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Brian!

Relationship: Brian is my expert real estate adviser.. Written 28 Jun 14:09

I read Brian's posts and comments on creative financing and finally reached out to him. He was willing to speak with me for an hour and shared really good strategies in creative financing including:

- finding a motivated seller that might take interest in your lease option offer and why they would be
- consider doing a lease option assignment instead of a sandwich lease to minimize your own risk
- JV deals with the seller

I found Brian's insight valuable, particularly in the market I am in that is crowded with wholesalers who are only successful when lowballing sellers. Brian's advice will be very valuable to me because I can tap into a different kind of motivated seller in a hot and expensive real estate market.

Relationship: BP Colleague. Written 02 Aug 17:50

I reached out to Brian on BP and he directed me to his website where I signed up for a training session. We talked for over an hour. He answered all of my questions about Lease Option/Purchase
and why Lease Option Assignment is a better way to go. I couldn't have asked for a better session.Brian also explained a better way to structure my deals.Brian is very easy to talk
to and explains things in a way I can understand. He is a great resource and I hope to have future training sessions with him. Thanks BP and Brian !

Relationship: Future Student. Written 24 Sep 13:58

I was extremely impressed with Brian's willingness to help me understand a complex real estate transaction. He was very prompt at getting in touch with me and took the time to go over multiple scenarios that would have solved my problem. I would highly recommend Brian to assist you in managing successful creative financing endeavors.

Thanks Brian!

Relationship: Brian assisted me with real estate knowledge. Written 30 Apr 06:49