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  • Tree Removal Permit to remove tree from rehab property.
    Replied November 6, 2017
    Tree permits are required in City of Atlanta. So, in all cases, you are wise to check the county prior to cutting to avoid potential issues. I located my tree contractors via re... See more
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  • need help deciding on a property!! HELP!
    Replied November 6, 2017
    I’m a data freak.... — Got a realtor who “knows” or has access to the current market for the area? — Maybe check see if they have any info. — Go to Craigslist ... See more
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  • What is your rehab limit for a multi-family rental?
    Replied November 5, 2017
    Follow your numbers.... KNOW the percentage of return you need for profit, in the time-period most appropriate for you. (For me, the minimum would be 14% return of the amount of... See more
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