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  • How do i get started????
    Replied February 19, 2010
    All good info. What I would do is move as quickly as possible into Wholesaling. Here is where you earn big time while you learn. The difference between the Bdog and wholesaler... See more
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  • can i really start with 25k .help please!
    Replied February 18, 2010
    Hi Anthea, Nice name! $25k is definitely enough to get started, but I wouldn't put it all or even most of it in one deal. ... See more
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  • Pros and Cons of Sub 2's...
    Replied February 17, 2010
    Hey George, Sub 2 has been around for years. Basically you're taking deed to the property without signing any mortgages to any one else. that's why it gets tricky. Sellers for... See more
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