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  • Inherited Section 8 Tenant Headache
    Replied January 3, 2018
    I've felt your pain. These details translate into dollars. You should be able to file for eviction and serve with a witness yourself. Sit in on a few court evictions if you get ... See more
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  • Keeping track of the keys!
    Replied February 6, 2012
    Lockboxes work great. * If your tenant locks themselves out you can charge them for the code; 1/2 the price and no wait compared to a locksmith. * You can give the lock box ... See more
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  • Successful on just Rental Properties?
    Replied July 16, 2009
    From my crash course experience. Figure on taking in 1/4th to 1/3rd NOI; 1/3rd to management & maintenance above what you considered. 1/3rd for capital improvements (rainy ... See more
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