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  • Starting Out in Real Estate Investing
    Started September 18, 2015
    Rick Brown, Bank Foreclosures Direct President & CEO will be analyzing the changes you can expect in the Real Estate Market. He’ll also be revealing the Hottest markets a... See more
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  • Real Estate Investor Strategies Webinar
    Started May 1, 2015
    Do you want to learn how to make faster, quicker, more efficiently and more effective profits with the RESIDENTIAL DEALS in your area! Give me 55-minutes and I'll show you how t... See more
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Member Blog What are Vampire & Zombie Foreclosure?

America Is Besieged By Vampire and Zombie ForeclosuresVampire" foreclosures, in which the bank has seized a property but the previous owners continue to live there, and "zombie" foreclosures, in wh...