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  • Tenant sees a ghost. What should my response be?
    Replied August 5, 2018
    @John ParkRemind her she bet not pay that rent late or the ghost gonna get her.  "Rooooooooo!"But seriously, has any other tenant made similar complaints in case this is really ... See more
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  • Contents of a buying "checklist"
    Started August 4, 2018
    In addition to spreadsheets, I was curious if anyone uses a checklist when analyzing properties; a series of questions, reminders, and information to acquire as a guide you use?... See more
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  • Ask me (a CPA) anything about taxes relating to real estate
    Replied July 20, 2018
    @Dave FosterThat makes sense...I had to look up what a QI is; a qualified intermediary.  In short,a QI is  someone who is a stop gap, facilitating the purchase of a replacement ... See more
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