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  • How old is too old?!
    Replied September 22, 2014
    @Drew Denham Here In Providence/Boston, 80-90 % of properties were built around that era. I havent seen too many investors knock down these properties- avg rehabs are usually an... See more
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  • Opportunity vs NCND
    Started April 16, 2013
    Will Barnard- lol, I just left my attorney and he tells me to go for it. The bridge and I have a mutual NCND agreement. We have done 2 deals since 2010 and we have a great rela... See more
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  • Opportunity vs NCND
    Started April 16, 2013
    Hey A few times Ive found myself @ a juncture where I have to decide whether to honor a NCND or completely seize an opportunity myself. Dont misunderstand- Its not my intenti... See more
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From the Brink of Depression, Thru the worst of Recessions, has evolved our Reclamation; the disillusionment of the demos, compelled thru malfeasance and mismanagement to take hold of the ...