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  • Killeen, TX. Would You Invest here?
    Replied September 17, 2018
    @Taylor Patterson I would recommend you buy in a less deployable base. I only do military rentals and I have found the Fort Hood is good, but there are many other installations ... See more
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  • Creating Value For Both Parties.
    Started September 4, 2018
    Howdy All, I wanted to take some time to go over a few wholesale tips that have proven to be extremely useful in the markets where I operate. Getting the home for less than wh... See more
    Reply 0 replies
  • How did you get to know your market?
    Replied August 31, 2018
    @Gabriel Lamb I will spend a week in a market and talk to the locals. Understand what they need and how I can supply those needs. See more
    Reply 51 replies

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My last post about military rentals focused on the 1% of Americans who always have a job, not matter what the market conditions were. This topic talks about BAH and how it factors into rental decis...

Member Blog Wholeselling Military Rentals and Flips.

Howdy All, It has been some time since the last blog post I did about understanding and learning about military markets. I wanted to take some time to go over a few wholesale tips that have proven ...