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  • Eviction Occupant From Property After Sale
    Replied July 25, 2015
    Is there a current lease on the property? Is the tenant failing to pay the rent? Or just utilities and taxes? If the latter does the lease state that the tenant is to pay utilit... See more
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  • Should I sell my house and buy a duplex?
    Replied July 23, 2015
    The biggest question is about your quality of life. Would you be happy living in one half of the duplex or in an apartment? While you would have cash flow from the rental(s), if... See more
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  • Appraisals
    Replied July 22, 2015
    My experience is they tend to come in with a number that the bank usually wants. They err on the side of caution and will come in lower than higher. I did have one occasion wher... See more
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