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  • Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit
    Replied May 15, 2018
    @John Casmon, great question!I think my biggest takeaway was that you've really got to be a few steps ahead in your mind of where you are in your RE activities today.  A lot of ... See more
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  • The importance of saving
    Replied April 10, 2018
    I definitely agree that there is a time to save and a time not to save.  The most prudent course of action will vary depending on circumstances.  In a fairly stable situation li... See more
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  • How do YOU set your day up for success??
    Replied March 24, 2018
    @Kevin Dureiko, nice to read about your thinking session while the coffee is making!  I frequently do that in the mornings and haven't heard of anyone else doing the same until ... See more
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