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  • Do you think it's possible to create 1b net worth?
    Replied October 13, 2010
    It depends if the future is going to mirror the recent (last 70 years)financial past. As previously stated,several have done it (most notably "tech" oriented people),therefore a... See more
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  • Want to buy Colorado Apartments
    Replied October 5, 2010
    Lisa:I don't mean to hijack your thread ,but had a question. Any interest in a single Aurora condo? (South Atchison way) (Sorry for the unrelated topic.) See more
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  • Dollar General?
    Replied October 1, 2010
    A friend builds these. He sells every one he builds,and as far as I know, as the company owns very few. They don't want to deploy capital for RE investment. This actually seems... See more
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