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  • New investor to Fresno
    Replied April 12, 2017
    1581 E Palo Alto .... 3/2, approx 1,400 sq ft.  I have a house in Fresno that I am selling and is most suitable for someone who wants to fix up and flip.  If anyone is intereste... See more
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  • What Is Your Highest Rent On A Single Unit?
    Replied February 11, 2017
    $1,000 for each side Duplex 2/2 just over 1,000 sq ft and 2 car garages each side in Sacramento, CA.  See more
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  • Gas stove that turns itself on?
    Replied November 30, 2016
    My gas oven turns itself on.  I thought I was going crazy at first.  Then I thought I was hitting the knob somehow.  I just learned tonight in another blog that it's probably a ... See more
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