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  • Asphalt vs Concrete for 7 unit Apartment Building
    Replied July 10, 2018
    @Dustin Salmon I know how to make your decision easier... sell me your 7-unit and I will pour the concrete :-)You are not going to get a concrete quote cheaper then the $4.16/sf... See more
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  • Marketing GC Services
    Replied July 10, 2018
    Reach out to me and let’s talk. I have been doing large scale construction in Boise for years. My partner and I are doing some investing on the side. I might be able to help out... See more
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  • Tub in new home is backward, with inaccessible faucet and drain
    Replied June 19, 2018
    Never ever cut in to a post tensioned slab without x-raying it first for PT cables. IF you hit one, the intense pressure they are under can release and severely damage the concr... See more
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