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26 February 2008

John has great knowledge of many aspects of real estate. He's worked in both the UK and US, so has a broad perspective.

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  • Repair before put on the market?
    Replied May 22, 2018
    After a tenant moves out of a rental, you will have significant fix up work to get it ready to sell.  For instance, I sold a rental back in 2016 that had been occupied by tenant... See more
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  • What is "The Courthouse Steps"??
    Replied May 22, 2018
    I don't think these auctions actually occur on the courthouse steps any more.  Around here they're in a room at the courthouse.  But, yes, you can go to that room, register to b... See more
    Reply 5 replies
  • Disabilities and legal advice?
    Replied May 22, 2018
    All about the lease in this case.  The lease remains in force when the property is sold.  If you still have time on your lease, the landlord or new owner must honor that.  If yo... See more
    Reply 4 replies

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Member Blog another day

Good month this month.  All rents were in by the second.  Did have to go replace a toilet at the new place. It was a continuing problem.  A thorough cleaning with muratic acid would probably have f...

Member Blog Just keep on trucking

All rents in on time this month, too.  Yea!Did have a problem with the water bill at one unit.  In Colorado, water is lienable.  So, if the tenants don't pay, it comes back to the landlord.  I've b...

Member Blog And the deal is complete

Finally finished the refinance today.  I was able to get a 30 year fixed, 5.875% note on the property.  I'm pretty satisifed with those terms.If you've been following this story, you recall I paid ...