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  • Strategy changes between up and down market
    Replied October 23, 2007
    I've been investing in real estate since the early 80's (and yes it was difficult to get loans as a 9 year old :lol: ). No really, strategies haven't changed so much as evolved... See more
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  • Lease Option for unqualified Buyers
    Replied October 23, 2007
    Here in Kentucky you have to be very careful about crediting any portion of the rent to purchase. It gives the option tenant a basis to argue having an "ownership interest" in ... See more
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  • Investors Who Do vs. Investors Who Don't
    Replied September 4, 2007
    I kind of lucked into my first property as well, I bought an old home to live in right out of college. I was able to assume a loan at 11% ( yes I'm old enough that a rate of 11... See more
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