Joe White

28 June 2017

I greatly value Chris' input on this site and rarely would I skip his posts or comments. He makes BP a better, more informative tool for me. I haven't approached him professionally, regarding his abilities as an attorney; but I think it makes sense that I do.

Dave Foster

24 September 2017

My firm just completed a very complicated 1031 exchange for Chris and a client of his. There were lots of moving pieces and Chris was on top of his game through it all. Professional, prompt with information or calls for documents and counsel. And even tempered throughout. I'm looking forward to working with him again!

Dave Foster

24 September 2017

A client of mine had a chance to work with Dave and his folks on several 1031 exchange projects. There were many tricky challenges when it came to 1031 issues. Dave and his staff were helpful, courteous, and prompt. If you are looking to do a 1031 exchange, I highly recommend him and his company.

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