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  • Unsecured credit lines
    Replied January 4, 2010
    Susan, what is your take on lenders asking for a Personal Guarantee? I have found some lenders make it a requirement, either way, doesn't that (giving a lender your PG) take aw... See more
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  • Lead based paint testing on HUD properties
    Replied February 17, 2009
    I have had the same experience, we have a few HUD properties and remedied the problem with fresh paint. One particular house had LP paint on the doors and door trim; I just ins... See more
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  • What holds you back from doing more deals?
    Replied February 10, 2008
    TIME, still working a full time job and so is the wife. Looking for and doing deals, rehabbing, landlording.... all in the evenings and weekends. Thank God I have six week vac... See more
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