Engelo Rumora's References

Javier Diaz

So far so good.

Dominique Osborn

Engelo is full of passion and integrity. He is very real, raw, and ALWAYS tells it how it is. He is one of few people I have met that focuses strongly on building trust and a relationship with someone, and NOT just on making a quick dollar out of someone. Engelo is on a mission to take the STIGMA out of turnkey investing-- and I have no doubt at all that he will do just that!

Relationship: Partner in Business. Written 05 Mar 12:48

Rajesh Patel

Ohio CashFlow, Engelo Rumora, and his team are the best!

I found out about him by listening to podcast 89. We connected by phone and i was able to purchase a SFR in Ohio. We are working on a second deal now.

Engelo is honest, intelligent, passionate, and creative. He has a clear mission and purpose.

The team have supported me in so many ways. I can not do it justice in words. They go way above and beyond to take care of their investors.

The entire team is quick to respond and clear in communication.

Rajesh Patel, California

Relationship: As an investor. Written 11 Dec 11:19

Jerry Padilla

Engelo is a man of the trade! He lives and breaths real estate, and has found much success with his investors. He has created a foundation for investors to be successful on their purchases. He has been great to work with and I feel confident referring any investor looking to invest in Toledo, OH that Engelo is the only person they need to know to achieve success! I look forward to the future and continuing to work with him!

Relationship: Loan Officer with shared clients. . Written 03 Dec 18:30

Paul Parker

Engelo "The Real Estate Dingo"Rumora is a great energetic mentor! I haven't known Engelo but for a fews months yet that did not stop him from treating me like a colleague that he has known for YEARS! The knowledge I have gained from the phone calls, weekly meet ups, and watching him in action at the Ohio Cashflow Office putting together deals and creative real estate strategies has been priceless!!! I look forward to one day paying him back for the success i will soon obtain from his knowledge and wisdom in real estate that he has passed allowing to me!

Relationship: Mentor/Mentee. Written 16 Aug 21:44