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I was born in Columbus, GA at Fort Benning Army Base. My parents both had to work to support the family and I to a large extent raised myself. My early childhood was spent in GA and when my parents divorced I moved to Antioch, TN to live with my Father. I attended private school which afforded me an excellent education and I always excelled in academics. I put myself through college attending Middle Tennessee State University. I worked my way through by bartending and paid cash for my education which was very challenging. I graduated in 1998 with a bachelors degree in advertising with a minor in English. I started my career in movie theatre advertising and then made the move to insurance auto and commercial property claims. I really paid my dues working 50 hour a week jobs and then still bartending nights at TGI Friday's in Franklin, TN to pay off some old debts. Then one day I was introduced into the mortgage industry. I was a natural because I had a great head for finance and loved helping people. I worked in retail and wholesale mortgages really learning what it takes to close a loan. I had the pleasure of being an account executive for some of the largest fortune 500 banks in what most people now call the "Good Times."

In my past nine years of experience, I have either personally closed or underwritten thousands of loans in all 50 states. I have worked in retail and wholesale mortgage origination as an Account Executive which allowed me to sit on both sides of the desk. I currently assist clients across the country to improve their financial long-term plans through acquiring and leveraging real estate.

I possess a strong get it done now attitude blended together with integrity. Most of the time you will reach me after hours. I host my own Nationwide Radio Show "The Real Estate Review" on Tuesday mornings, featuring experts in the world of real estate. In what most would call one of the most challenging times in the mortgage business, I'm still growing and learning. I do this through using my advertising and marketing background and compliment it with knowledge from mentors such as Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Dave Ramsey. I hold seminars for large real-estate offices on helping them build their businesses through the use of marketing and technology.

I strive to put God first in everything I do. I currently live in Palm Coast, Florida with my beautiful wife Kate and our 1 year old son Jake. We believe in giving back and helping other people achieve their dreams. I have sponsored several charitable events such as the Make a Wish Foundation Charity Dinner. I feel that if I can help enough other people achieve their dreams I will always be taken care of by God. I also hold webinars to teach realtors new marketing ideas and to give first time homebuyers knowledge. I'm currently working on my first book that will be a step-by-step book on creating a system that works for anyone in business. I'm going to take the best knowledge from the brightest minds in the world and use it to create a step by step daily set of activities. I believe that buying or refinancing a home is the most important transaction you will ever do and I take my job very seriously.

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