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  • Self Storage and Mobil Home Park Pricing
    Replied May 25, 2008
    Mark is correct. Usually they like at least 15% skin in the game when purchasing but like anything else, funding sources give you beter terms if you have a lower LTV. You can ... See more
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  • I stopped smoking!
    Replied May 19, 2008
    Good for you. I work out vigorously after every break-up. It got to the point that it became a habit. Now I do resistance training 4-5 days a week and either power walk or run... See more
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  • Need a Business Line of Credit
    Replied May 17, 2008
    The problem is that banks are tightening their guidelines. The days of "I hve a 720 FICO, give me money!" are gone. Banks will not do anyone whose income is derived from resid... See more
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