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Robin Hunter's References

I have worked with Robin for over a year now in both the capacity of her being my Realtor and now currently as my property manager as an out of state investor.

Investing out of state can be intimidating, especially in an area I wasn't 100% familiar with, but Robin was willing to educate me on different areas around Kansas City. She also took into account what was best for me as she was patient in advising me on a 3 month hunt. She guided me away from homes in bad areas or just weren't good investments to ones that made the most sense.

I eventually came out to Kansas City to see the property and met Robin in person. While there I was able to see her interact with the tenants, go on a tour around different parts of the town, and stop by rehabs she had managed to completion and/or in current progress. I left very impressed in all areas.

I've since been trying to work on ways to get more deals going with her and in the meantime am happy with how she is managing the property I have there.

Relationship: I used Robin as my Realtor and now she is my Property Manager.. Written 11 Aug 19:37

Robin is a superstar! I have purchased one out of state property with Robin and she manages my rental as well. The process of buying a home with Robin was super easy. She is a very hard worker and trustworthy person. She went above and beyond for me and I really appreciated that. She is GREAT at communicating. I felt 100% comfortable doing business with Robin because she gives her honest opinion and is very creative on solving problems. I look forward to buying several homes with Robin in the future. You will not regret working with her, she is a rare breed and will take care of you :)
Thank you Robin!

Relationship: Buyer/Client. Written 19 Sep 14:36

I couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent, especially for an out of state investor like myself. Throughout the entire process, I felt like I wasn't so far away due to her attention to detail and knowledge of the Kansas City area! She is trustworthy and dependable. She was patient in answering all of my questions not only related to the process of buying real estate but the property management side as well. She is a "one-stop shop" source of information I highly recommend!!

Relationship: Real Estate Agent. Written 26 Aug 13:13

I've been working with Robin for two years. She has helped me acquire properties, renovate them, and manage them.

I honestly don't know where to start in describing all the skills Robin has. She has definitely steered me away from deals that would have gone badly for me had I actually purchased them. She is good at communication and always keeps me up to date with the properties. As an out-of-state investor, it's easy to feel like you don't get the full picture of what's going on with your properties, but Robin has an uncanny honesty that you don't find too often and is reassuring.

Most of my properties have required renovation, but Robin has done an excellent job of hammering out the scope of work and utilizing local contacts to get the work done. It's easy to rent these properties out because they're in such good condition. There's a lot more good things to say, but I'm happy with the way things have worked out and I look forward to continuing to work with Robin in the future.

Relationship: Client. Written 23 Nov 20:27