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  • Citifinancial - Loss Mitigation - email
    Replied April 11, 2009
    Try this... 636-261-7706 or 7708 or 7709 I wish I could give you an email but no-can-do. See more
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  • Trouble with 2nd mortgage
    Replied April 11, 2009
    I didn't read all through these posts as I probably "should have" but time is money right? Here is what I would do. Definitely focus heavily on the first and getting them to o... See more
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  • I need help with a short sale
    Replied April 11, 2009
    Auctioning it is a great way as well... either through a personalized auction or otherwise, more advanced by using an auction company. There are a few good ones that are more g... See more
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