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4 Great Ways To Make Big Money With Your Bulk REO Deals

Tuesday, September 21

Watch these videos and find out the 4 best ways to make money with bulk reo deals.

Bulk reo real estate investing can give you instant wealth in four important ways.

1. Create Bulk REO deals for:  Instant cash flow by flipping to wholesale buyers.

2. Create Bulk REO deals for: Buy And keep for Instant equity and cash flow.

3. Create Bulk REO deals for: Brokers and collect 1% to 10% just for brokering bulk reo deals.

4. Create Bulk REO deals for: Syndicate your bulk reo deals into investment partnerships and keep 5% to %50 percent of the bulk reo deals for your self.

This may give you an idea for an entry point for your bulk reo deals.  If you are a wholesaler then buy the bulk reos and wholesale them to your buyers.

If you are a buy and hold guy, buy the bulk reo package and keep the ones that fit your rental investment criteria.

If you know a bunch of investors with money to spend then your entry point might be brokering deals.

If you want a big piece of the pie then set up syndicated partnerships.

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Secret List Of Top 35 REO Banks With Bulk Reo Property To Sell

Friday, September 10

In bulk REO property investing getting to right REO lists is crucial and going straight for the best source is the way to go. Like in any market, in Bulk REO there are the top dogs, the favored few and the powerhouse banks behind property lists. In this video I do a case study on how you can search the list of Banks Below for REO's in your target market. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to the list. The top 35 REO banks with red hot REO properties to sell are: 1. AmSouth Bank 2. Bank Of America 3. BB&T 4. Citibank 5. Compass Bank
  1. Fannie Mae
  1. FDIC
URL: FDIC Bank Owned
  1. Fidelity National Financial
  1. First National Bank of Alaska
  1. First Preston
  1. HMBI
  1. Home Loan Bank
  1. HSBC
  1. HSBC Commercial
  1. HUD
  1. Indy Mac Bank
  1. Integrated Asset Services
  1. JP Morgan Chase Bank
  1. Kennedy Funding
  1. Kentucky Housing Corporation
  1. Keystone Asset Management
  1. Lenders Asset Management
  1. M&T Bank
  1. National Bank of Arizona
  1. NewBridge Bank (former Lexington State Bank)
  1. Ocwen Financial
  1. People’s Bank
  1. PNC Bank
  1. Premiere Asset Services (Wells Fargo)URL: Well Fargo Bank Owned
  2. Private Financial Services (Bank of OK)URL: PFS Bank Owned
  1. Regions BankURL: Regions Bank Owned
  2. Zions Bank
URL: Zions Bank Owned
  1. U.S. Bank
  1. Unity Bank
URL: Unity Bank Owned
  1. Western Bank
URL: Western Bank Owned The golden rule of sales stands - for the best deals go directly to the supplier. And for real estate investor that means going to banks for bulk REO lists to fully profit from toe curling discounts. You don’t have to go trough a middle man. You don’t have to share toys. You do not need someone else to make introductions. You can have your cake and eat it too. Successful ROE investors known that to make it, they must go straight for the top. So - smile and introduce yourself “Hi I am so and so, the real estate investor. I am here to take bulk REO off your hands. You will love my offer and here is what I can do for you…” You will like the results.

Time To Get In On The Bulk REO Explosion!

Saturday, September 04

Why Go for Bank Owned REO Properties Instead of Short Sales?

Question that often pops up is – why go for Bank Owned REO properties instead for short sales? It really all comes down to which method brings you more money, at lower risk, faster. With current market conditions real estate investing is hard enough. Now more than ever, it is time to go with strategy that guarantees success.

Comparing short sales with Bank Owned REO properties is really comparing pears with apples. The script is the same. The differences are in lender’s legal ownership of the property, sale conditions and consequently the sale price.

It is a familiar story. Homeowner is behind on their payments and the property is heading toward foreclosure. And it goes two separate ways from there.

The bank’s motivation is to sell properties fast. While bank will not go unreasonably low, the highest price will still be well under the short sale price. And auction style sales means you will know where you stand in short order.

Short sale is sale of distressed property before it hits auction. The property is owned and sold by the homeowner. Bank or mortgage lender agrees to discount a loan balance on the property, the owner sells it for less than the outstanding balance of the loan, and turns over the proceeds of the sale to the lender. Consequently, homeowner will try to get as much as he can out of the sour deal and hike up the price.

The homes purchased are as is, and chances of having homeowners do repairs are slim to none. Can you blame them? In short sales, the homeowner’s motivation is money. And 100% of the time they will go for the highest offer. Similarly they will wait to make the sale to make sure they receive the highest offer. You may spend good time waiting and never hear back from the seller. Waste of time and money, wouldn’t you agree?

In bank owned REO’s, the bank owns and sells the property. Bank owned REO property has been acquired by the lender through a foreclosure action. Banks really do not care for keeping the property. For them property means maintenance. And maintenance means loss of money. This is why banks will let the bulk REO properties go for much less than the loan balance. In fact, banks is so willing to get rid of REO  properties that it is possible to make an offer contingent upon an inspection to see if any major repair work is needed. And with the owner out of the picture buying Bulk Bank Owned REO means no haggling, great price and in short - a sweet deal.

The bank’s motivation is to sell properties fast. While bank will not go unreasonably low, the highest price will still be well under the short sale price. And auction style sales means you will know where you stand in short order.

As a serious real estate investor you have to ask yourself a question:

  1. What is your goal? Serious money or counting pennies?
  2. Are you willing to wait and risk ending up with a zero?
  3. Or - would you rather swoop in and score a handful of properties for a great price at …say…..50% off?

I think the answer is clear. To make good money - you must act fast. See the deal, grab the deal and run with it. Otherwise you will be left out in the cold.

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How I Got Started In Bulk REO

Saturday, September 04

Bulk REO Real Estate Investing

It seemed to be a good morning the young real estate investor stood in the flesh in front of the mirror. No wispy spirit, this was a man in the flesh,  bone, muscle, and brain. The morning light shined in his eyes and his eyes shined back.

The man swore; "This is the day it all makes sense! All the hard work is going to pay off!"

His mind wandered as he tied his tie. I'm getting rid of this sport coat! Something much more stylish fits me. Maybe a long over due vacation, back to Colorado he thought.  Still day dreaming on the way to work. Maybe I'll get a new car?  But I'm keeping this Toyota!

The phone rang a voice on the other end said. I'm terribly sorry to call so early but I just wanted to let you know I can't meet you today. This is quite embarrassing and I don't know how to say this but....  I met with a lawyer over the weekend. and, we'll, I'm filing for bankruptcy so I can't go ahead with the Short Sale. I'm sorry but my attorney assures it's the right thing to do. 

bulk reoThe man hung up the phone and pulled over to the side of the road. His head sunk into his hands. "Boy what you going to do now?" he disclosed.

"It can take up to 1 year or more to do just one short sale deal."  And that's if the planets are in-line.

In the last few years it can sometimes feel like you are Indiana Jones searching for some lost antique treasure. Only for many of us its searching for "The American Dream"  As soon as you start getting close you find out "Darn" "Bum information"

Then you get to back track and get back on the trail. Make things solid again. That was me three years ago. I had spent thousands of dollars learning how to hunt down short sales. That when I found out:

"Just like Edison finding out one more way not to make a light bulb. All my work was not in vein because luckily for me I had something to go to."

Back in 1991  I bought my 1st REO (Real Estate Owned By Banks) a 24 Unit Apartment Building From a bank. This was the beginning of a two year buying spree where I bought 3 multi-million dollar apartment properties form banks.

This was at the end of the Savings and Loans Crash of the 1980's Looking back, I should have stayed with buying bank owned REOs. But, like all good things, the market recovered and all those good deals got sold off.

What I went back to is buying REO properties from banks and lenders at deeply discounted prices. I found out that quickly after I contacted these banks they would ask: "How many house do you want to buy?" I'll send you the tape.
I was just looking to cherry pick one or two houses and salvage some of what I learned taking all those Short Sale classes. Just a few weeks before it was taking me a month or more to bring in short sale leads and even more time finding the right properties to invest in.
But now I was getting these tapes with hundreds of houses that I was encouraged to make a bid on the packages.

Talk About A Reality Shift.

Instead of looking for the sellers of short sales one by one.  Banks were calling me and sending me updates on hundreds of properties.  They were chasing me now!

This got me into the Bulk REO Business.  And on this blog I teach people the REO  Business.

Don't let the word BULK REO scare you.  Everything I teach can work for you even  if you only want to buy one house for as low as five cents on the dollar and avoid all the hassles of doing a short sale.

I post about every week or so.  I you have an RSS reader you can subscribe to my feed and you will get real time updates to your reader. Please leave comments on the post. I'm a real person and I''ll get back to you're questions and comments  as fast as humanly possible. Over to the right are different categories with articles and videos for you. Feel free to wander around the blog and don't forget to add me to your favorites page. I worked hard on putting all this content together and if you feel it has value please share this with your friends on twitter, and facebook.

Best Of Success!

Mark B. Bradley

St Louis MO USA

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Miss any of these 5 steps and you'll go broke investing with short sales...

Monday, August 16

 "I have broken down the steps to completing just one short sale deal to 5 major steps. And believe me that was hard because there are about a gazillion steps to each of these 5 steps."

Step 1

You must find people who have the type of property you want to invest in, who are in foreclosure.

This means you need to learn marketing from door to door, cold calling homeowners in distress, direct mail, pay per click, flyers, networking and the list goes on. You must get good at marketing and this takes time, money, and expertise.

Picture Sherlock Holmes with his magnifying glass tiring to fine the right criminal. Searching like a needle in a haystack for the right person with the right property.

This is the first step in investing in short sales. If you fail here everything else is secondary. Meaning no money for you.

Step 2

They must respond to you and not a competitor.


You must be the one! The one they trust out and above all the other short sale investors who went to a seminar and bought a foreclosure course.

You must cut through the clutter and get the right message to make this work. If they don't respond you've got nothing. Get tripped up here and no money in your checking account.

Step 3

They must be down with working with you.


The ball is in their court. They must work with you for the long run and not bail on you. One of 100 things can go wrong here.

All you have is the limited ability to work on as many deals as humanly possible to increase your odds of finding "The One" If "The One" flakes here all your time, money, and effort is wasted. Strike three, you must start over from step one.

They may finely get a job, they may re negotiate the loan, a competitor may come along that they like better than you. Nothing is guaranteed even if the home owner has agreed to work with you.

Step 4

The bank, lender, creditors, and other lien holders must work with you.

You must get this cooperation for the duration of the short sale process.

These 2nd lien holders know are getting shafted! These people are less than thrilled. They will be losing money on their own bad deals with the home owner.

So many deals get killed at this step. Much pain and no gain if you get knocked down on step 4.

Step 5

Congratulations if you are persistent and good enough to reach the step. But you're not out of the woods yet because the distressed homeowners are emotional frozen.

Like a deer in the headlights and a cornered animal they are Unpredictable.

Plus, they may file bankruptcy which can add 6 months to 1 year to the foreclosure process. Or the distraught homeowner do a deed in lieu of foreclosure and just turn the keys in and split.

"Regardless, you must successfully complete each if these 5 major steps to close one short sale deal. That's just one deal."

Even if you get real good at short sales think of all the road blocks, obstacles, pitfalls and problems you have to overcome for one darn deal?

That's why I only deal with bank REO properties.

Create Wealth Buy Low Sell High.


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