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How to Model Your First Real Estate Investment

Wednesday, November 28

Fellow Real Estate Investors welcome back to another helping of real estate investing knowledge. The goal of my posts are to help you become better income investors by providing tips, tricks and step by step instructions that I have complied based on my experience of investing into multimillion d...

Market Analysis Filtering System

Wednesday, October 31

 Over the last few weeks we have discussed how to find prospective deals.  Now that you have a few prospects potentially spread across various towns or states, the next question that you as a investor need to address is which market has a higher competitive advantage between your various prospect...

Finding New Jersey Auction Deals

Sunday, October 14

Recently I covered the topic of how to find potential deals from the comfort of your chair. Continuing along that theme; I will be talking about s how you can find deals at upcoming real estate auctions in the Northern New Jersey market.   What is a real estate auction? A real...

Deal Sourcing Online

Monday, October 08

Last time we covered the topic of how to establish your investment criteria in order to setup a decision matrix to help you filter good v. bad deals. Today we will discuss using online search tools to help you find potential deals so that you can filter them down.   CAVEAT: The...

Investment Criteria to Find Deals

Wednesday, September 12

Financing is usually the biggest impediment to completing real estate deals since without capital you have no deal. On the same token, financing is irrelevant if you cannot find a deal that is worth raising capital behind. So this month we will be covering tips, tricks and methods to finding deal...

Valuing Real Estate in a Changing Market

Wednesday, August 08

 Valuing Real Estate in Changing MarketsPricing an investment property can be done through a number of methods ranging from the income approach to the sales comparison approach. Today we offer rules of thumbs to use when try to value assets in an appreciating or a depreciating market.Market: Appr...