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Bigger Pockets - Real Estate News Contributor

Monday, January 21

I would like to let anyone who has been following me here know that I have just started as a weekly contributor to the main Bigger Pockets real estate blog! I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to publish articles on the main site, and if you'd care to read it, my newest post on real estate M...

Slow but Steady Gains Projected for 2013 Housing Market

Thursday, January 03

Both investors and homeowners are exhaling a collective sigh of relief now that our New Year fiscal cliff plunge has been averted. The post-holiday market indexes are up, and many weary investors are beginning to see their assets gain value across the board. Also, in reviewing the returns from th...

Housing Market Continues Gaining Steam Through Close of Q4

Thursday, December 20

While confidence in the housing market has made a rebound since the close of Q3, it seems that sector recovery is continuing through the end of the fiscal year. Investors are naturally concerned about false stop-starts in the housing market, and with the disappointing fluctuations we’ve become ac...

Housing Market May Leave Millennials Behind

Friday, December 14

It has become abundantly clear that the housing market is turning a corner. With prospective homebuyers unfreezing their assets after four years of market uncertainty, the monthly rate of home closings has jumped substantially. Broadly tallied, the value of homes across the United States has rise...

Housing Market Seems Set to Revitalize Economy

Friday, December 07

While there has much open discussion since the close of Q3 about the sudden housing rebound, analysts are now coming forward with even more glowing predictions about the status of American real estate. While it’s basic knowledge that the health (or lack thereof) of any major sector can ripple hea...

Northeast Market May Rebound Fast After Sandy

Sunday, December 02

Hurricane Sandy’s unforeseen cataclysm caused both tremendous human tragedy as well as damage to property and infrastructure. Those of us who have friends living in New York City, or who have merely seen footage of the flooding and destruction, are well attuned to the toll the stor...