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100 Awesome Articles to Get You Fired Up and Motivated About Blogging

By Christian Russell, over 4 years ago.

These are articles I’ve read recently that I found particularly valuable. They are all from blogs I read regularly. As someone who writes a blog, I know it is also essential to rea...
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Are You A Friend Or A Foe?

By Oz U., over 4 years ago.

As a short sale investor, your primary motivation in doing business with a distressed homeowner is to make a profit.  Nobody is debating that.  The question, a very important qu...
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Back to Painting

By Michael Rossi, over 4 years ago.

I finally got back to painting the Pink Elephant today. It was a beautiful day, although blazing hot, and I spent about 3 1/2 hours doing some painting. In addition to the painting, I had...
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Hard Working Weekend

By Michael Rogers, over 4 years ago.

This past weekend I worked my tail off on my apartments.  However, it was a successful weekend. I hired a day laborer for Saturday and Sunday and we each put 20 hours of work in on S...
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Before you think you can get vacancies eliminated, read this

By Rich Weese, over 4 years ago. This is a pretty interesting article. If you are buying in NY , Tucson, Jacsonvil...
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Economic Updates

By Justin Pierce, over 4 years ago.

Last Week in the News On Monday, August 3, the Commerce Department reported total construction spending rose 0.3% in June to $965.7 billion. Economists had expected a 0.5% decline. Meanwh...
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Increasing the value of your Investment Property

By Michael Monteiro, over 4 years ago.

Although converting a unit into a larger (or different) space may be cheaper than purchasing a new property that fits your expanding investment property needs, it’s nonetheless a hu...
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Guns and Ammo for the Weekend!

By Michael Rossi, over 4 years ago.

This weekend was another 3 day weekend! I did work about 2 hours Friday morning in order to completely catch up with the last maintenance tasks on my list. Those projects included fixing ...
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New Real Estate Investors... Getting Started!

By Peter Giardini, over 4 years ago.

“Although this business is easy it is just complex enough that you must educate yourself before you get started or the STREET is going provide that education for you” And...
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Weekly Freddie Mac Update

By Howard Sobel, over 4 years ago.

30-year fixed-rate mortgage: Averaged 5.22 percent with an average 0.6 point for the week ending August 6, 2009, down from last week when it averaged 5.25 percent...
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7 ways a Real Estate Agent can become Productive through Virtual Assistant

By Owen Mcgab Enaohwo, over 4 years ago.

Most successful Real Estate Agents know that creating systems for every process in their businesses allows them to be more effective and efficient at delivering the necessary solutions th...
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By Jean Rodriguez, over 4 years ago.

Rodriguez REO Detailers in Tampa Fl.  813-574-7999.  Fax 813-925-4366  We are a fairly new company . We decided to open our own REO CLEANING A...
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The Quick and Dirty Six

By Dina Sikora, over 4 years ago.

Every once in a while people ask me questions about this busines and I realized that there are a few unwritten rules of REO.1. If someone says,"I don't want to sound greedy" the...
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FHA is Back to Being Good Business for First Timers.

By Jason Wheeler, almost 5 years ago.

Subscribe FHA loans are back as good business. The Federal Housing Administration guaranteed almost 186,000 mortgages in June, a record tally for the agency, which has insured more tha...
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Lake Havasu Unified School District Offers More in Education

By Donna Ball, over 4 years ago.

Lake Havasu Unified School District is offering parents and students more choices in education.The reasons that parents would choose a non-traditional school setting are many and varied.&...
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