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Twitter "Secrets" Revealed!

By Harrison Painter, almost 5 years ago.

Enjoy this video on how to Twitter! Now you know the "Secret" of Twitter! LIVE Ustream Show: Real Estate Meets Social Media --> TUNE IN every Tuesday at 9:00pm (est) for --> GoGladia...
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Ed, Farrah, and Michael Reflection, Sneak Peak, and Love Challenge!

By Harrison Painter, almost 5 years ago.

Get a sneak peak at our newest project, my reflection on 3 icons of Pop culture, and a challenge of love to LIVE LIFE and BE HAPPPY! This just came in this morning......
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Private Investors: Show me the money and I'll show you a sound investment.

By Melody Scott, almost 5 years ago.

I have to admit, when it comes to real estate investing I am consistently putting the cart before the horse. I will chase leads, talk to sellers, and look at properties all day long, but ...
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Reality Check: When visiting run-down houses, we may be visiting our future.

By Melody Scott, almost 5 years ago.

I just got back from what seemed like a very long trip to visit my extended family in Syracuse, NY. My grandfather, the only person I'll probably ever personally know whose intellect riva...
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So apparently I suck at time management.

By Melody Scott, almost 5 years ago.

Man, when I had a J-O-B I thought to myself, "all I need is to get rid of this horrible time-wasting job and I'll have all the time I need to finally get things done!"Nearly one...
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Do You Have What It Takes to be Successful?

By Harrison Painter, almost 5 years ago.

I wanted to share a 12 question quiz, and I REALLY want you to think about them before you answer. Take out a sheet of paper, read the statements aloud, then write down if you: Agree or...
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A Journey to do a deal

By Nick J., almost 5 years ago.

So I should've left today but I got caught up doing some things that needed to get done and I didn't feel like starting my drive 1200 miles late in the afternoon. I was able to poke aroun...
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Lastest Package

By Germahl Pierre, almost 5 years ago.

Here a small port of properties here in the Phoenix, AZ area:61 WEST HOLLY LANE AVONDALE AZ 85323 $63,498.00 111 LINCOLN AVE COOLIDGE AZ 85228 $40,458.00 152 LA CIENEGA AVE GOODYEAR AZ 85...
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The Model of a Golden Business

By Pamela Cendejas, almost 5 years ago.

In the real estate business, whether you are a real estate agent, broker, mortgage lender, home stager, title rep, home inspector or virtual assistant, you're only as good as your word....
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The list has begun

By Norm Chrostowski, almost 5 years ago.

After reading a bazillion blogs, forums, and articles on this site and others, along with trying to educate myself reading a number of books,  I figure my cash position was not nearl...
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Tenant Eviction Tips

By Michael Monteiro, almost 5 years ago.

For obvious reasons, most landlords dread evicting tenants. But for as stressful as evictions can be, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of a positive outcom...
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Week In Review

By Brian G., almost 5 years ago.

I made an offer on the bungalow propety I looked at on 6-15-09. The offer was not accepted. The seller had two other offers in from neighbors that were higher. The seller says he is willi...
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next deal hopefully

By B G, almost 5 years ago.

so friday a property came on the mkt at there by 2:00PM...i have my offer in at 3:00PM w/ proof of funds...listing agent then sends a P&S contract to sign this proper...
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Mediation Clause now in the Arizona Purchase Contract

By Dave Mason, almost 5 years ago.

I love that there is now a mediation clause in the Arizona purchase contract.  If you can keep a real estate dispute out of the courts you are better off.  Mediation is not only...
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Nearly finished

By Jon Holdman, almost 5 years ago.

Finished up grouting the tile, got the receptacles back up, and got the smoke detectors replaced. Need to touch up the paint in places and that about it for the house. ...
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