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Selling Your House When You Divorce

By Simon Ru, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Selling your home is never easy, neither is a divorce. Here are tips to help you get through both of them. Read More


Note Investing Part 2 - Elements of NPN Investment Evaluation

By Mike Hartzog, 3 months ago with 7 comments

A overview of the basic information required for the analysis and evaluation of non-performing note investments. Read More


One big step

By Matt Huneycutt, 7 days ago with 0 comments

My first blog on BP. Complete with a childhood story, a short introduction, and my first encounter with Real Estate investing. Read More


Why the Best and the Brightest Often Die First

By Andrew Cordle, 14 days ago with 5 comments

Laurence Gonzales tells the story of Captain James Gabba, an Army Ranger, who drowned when a raft he was taking down the upper Gauley river in West VA Read More


Struggles From Our Past Can Help Us Today! Real Estate Investor Leader

By Andrew Cordle, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Often, when flipping houses or learning how to make money in real estate, one finds themselves in the middle of a struggle.... Read More


Prediction for Average Appreciation in 2015

By Michael Zuber, 3 months ago with 2 comments

Predicting 2015 Appreciation for Nation, California and Fresno Read More


Ways to Give Back to Our Mentor(s)

By Lord Childrey, 8 days ago with 0 comments

Mentors want to know that they made a difference and that their contribution helped you hit your goals. Read More


The 4 Most Common "Objections" and How to Handle Them

By Jerry Puckett, 7 months ago with 15 comments

Phone strategies to handle the 4 most common seller objections arising from your Yellow Letter responders. Stay in control of any conversation. Read More


Market Signal Says 'Know When to Hold 'Em'

By David Moore, 8 days ago with 0 comments

Soft market conditions are bringing bargain hunting to the table. Looking to bag a buck. Read More


"Hack" of the Wk - 10/13 -Landlords Learn from Credit Card Companies!

By Wendell De Guzman, 9 days ago with 3 comments

To increase the chances of collecting rent landlords can learn from a technique that credit cards companies use. What is this? Read on... Read More


In the Beginning

By Jack Stivers, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Part 1 of how I got started in real estate by buying four run-down rental houses from my landlord with seller financing. Read More


Tips for Buying a Home in the Fall

By Joseph Scorese, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Tips for Buying a Home in the Fall Read More


Top 10 Home Styles in the U.S.

By Joseph Scorese, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Top 10 Home Styles in the U.S. Read More


5 Easy Steps to Get Your House to Appraise

By Justin S., 12 days ago with 3 comments

How to get your next fix and flip to appraise. Read More

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