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Making Money, Starting With $1000.00 or Less

By Richard D., 10 days ago with 0 comments

It is possible to get started with less than $1000.00 in Real Estate, and make huge returns while doing so! Read More


Fundamentals of Buy and Hold

By Andrew Syrios, 10 days ago with 0 comments

Buying and holding real estate successfully requires a lot of very different tasks to be accomplished simultaneously or else it won’t work. Read More


Texas Tax Sales: A Beginners Tale

By Richard D., 23 days ago with 2 comments

Basic information about participating in a Texas property tax sale, and how not to look like a fool while obtaining information. Read More


5 Reasons to Become a CRE Professional

By Michael Morris, 21 days ago with 2 comments

5 Reasons to Become a CRE Professional Read More


How to Negotiate for Your Murrieta CA Homes for Rent

By Sidney Kutchuk, 10 days ago with 0 comments

Don’t search in vain for your ideal Murrieta CA rental home within your ideal price. Try some of these negotiation tips! Read More


First "Learn" then remove the "L"

By David Brown, 13 days ago with 1 comment

Learn then remove the L and earn. We are here to make a killing Read More


MARKETING 101: Miscommunication

By Andrew Cordle, 11 days ago with 0 comments

...if you want your company to reach new benchmarks of achievement, you must master the art of communicating your brand! Read More


Magic House for Sale.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 4 months ago with 3 comments

How to spot an ad for a magic house. Hidden expenses that all houses have. Due diligence. Read More


Why I'm Not a Flipper-Don't Kill the Goose!

By Cory Binsfield, 24 days ago with 16 comments

Why I'm not a flipper. A real life case study on buy and hold versus flipping from a part time real estate investor. Read More


Winning & Losing With Tax Foreclosures

By Richard D., 14 days ago with 5 comments

Simple lessons of due diligence turns Tax Auctions into big profits, and failing to do the research equals big loses. Read More


Real Estate Agents...Are They Really Necessary?

By Emily Du Plessis, 12 days ago with 0 comments

Finding a real estate agent minimizes our efforts & save us tons of time when investing.Find out what to look for in an agent & why they're important. Read More


Unconventional Open House

By Chad Lubke, 12 days ago with 0 comments

get more conversions while hosting an open house, sell more spec homes Read More


How Not to Find Deals

By Christian Dunlap, 13 days ago with 0 comments

My first attempt at finding deals didn't produce results but it wasn't fruitless either. Read More


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