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Top 6 Reasons to Occupy Your Investment Property

By Mark Hafeli, 10 days ago with 0 comments

The Main Benefits of Occupying a Unit in Your Investment Property Read More


Deal #3 Helping out a friend of the family

By Todd Curtis, 11 days ago with 0 comments

Having a few real estate skills can help friends and relatives deal with some estate issues. Read More


Using ListSource to Find (Potentially) Motivated Sellers

By Jeremy Timko, 11 days ago with 2 comments

How I have learned to use ListSource to filter for potentially viable properties in my local area. Read More


Tips For Newbies - Learn How To Say "Next"

By Bryan L., about 1 month ago with 8 comments

In this post about "Tips For Newbies", I discuss the need to look for truly great deals, and the necessity of moving on from those marginal deals. Read More


Guaranteed Way to Find a Mentor

By Jon Moore, 11 days ago with 0 comments

The Guaranteed Way to find a Mentor. If you want to be successful in Real Estate you need some type of a mentor. Here is how to find one. Read More


The Free & Clear Real Estate Goal

By Chad Carson, 11 days ago with 0 comments

This article explains a simple yet powerful real estate goal that will help you earn passive income and achieve financial independence. Read More


Goals and Background (very long post)

By Bryan Kipke, 13 days ago with 0 comments

My first journal entry of my Real Estate Investing career. From Zero to Retired in 15 years. My background, history, and goals for my business. Read More


Top 10 reasons why you know you lost in negotiations

By Mark Updegraff, 25 days ago with 1 comment

top ten reasons why you know you lost during negotiations Read More


Private Money

By David Moore, 15 days ago with 0 comments

My first foray into seeking private funding. Read More


The Unfair Advantage

By Huy Nguyen, 16 days ago with 0 comments

You probably hear many people talking about the “unfair advantage”. What it is? How could unfair be an advantage? Read More


How Poor Property Management Kills Profits

By John Marion, 16 days ago with 1 comment

Managing rental property requires a specialized set of skills, knowledge, and experience in order to do it well and maximize profits. Read More


Getting Organized: Finding Functional Patterns and Flow

By Stacey Olson, 16 days ago with 2 comments

Developing Success Patterns. Getting Started as an Investor. Action Steps. Behavioral/Strengths-Based Psychology. Develop a Reward and Record System. Read More


Using Yellow Letter Marketing will get you a 10 to 20% response rate!

By Gerald Harris, 17 days ago with 1 comment

Yellow Letter Marketing is a great way for real estate investors to generate leads Read More


3 Steps to Exercise Prudence Before Buying a Property That Needs Fixes

By Ameen Al Qudsi, 17 days ago with 0 comments

The 3 steps for a sound judgement before going to finalize your property that needs fixation, probably helpful if you are buying for the first time. Read More


1/2 way through year 2 of being a licensed RE pro

By Mark Updegraff, 25 days ago with 1 comment

seasoned investor but New agent / realtor's 2nd year in Rochester NY. Some lessons learned about negotiating and networking Read More

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