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Small 1399533336 avatar dominion

Leveraging Contractors Efficiently aka How Not to Lose Your Shirt

By Jack BeVier, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Working with contractors can be challenging. Here are some "best practices" from the field so that you don't lose your shirt... or your mind. Read More

Small 1409275870 avatar akarrels

Real Estate Investing vs the 4% Retirement Rule

By Allison Karrels, 25 days ago with 6 comments

Comparing a traditional retirement plan to a real estate retirement plan Read More

Small 1435272582 avatar jugg2000

Three One-Word Reasons You Fail at Real Estate Investing

By Guy M., 8 days ago with 0 comments

If you don't move; if you don't give yourself the opportunity to at least fail, you're not going to be a successful real estate investor. Read More

Small 1428875039 avatar rogers5

Being a New Realtor and 3 Reason Why you should Use a New Realtor

By Roger Smart, 8 days ago with 0 comments

Being a new realtor is hard, but here are a few reasons you should use one. Read More

Small 1399790671 avatar ejourneyer

How To Compare Properties in Different Metro Locations

By Eric Fernwood, 8 days ago with 0 comments

As shown by data, property taxes, landlord insurance and state income taxes have significant impact on cash flow. Read More

Small 1404959998 avatar gmkrull

Basics for Online Tax Lien Auction process

By Jerry K., over 1 year ago with 5 comments

Basics for starting in online tax lien auctions. Read More

Small 1422860813 avatar alexs10

Top 5 Reasons Why You May Outbid the Highest Priced Offer

By Alex Scott, 9 days ago with 1 comment

Do your own researches properly before you make any offer on a house and before proceeding with that offer because this is a very big investment. Read More

Small 1428029244 avatar marya

Why Newbies Should Take Another Look At Private Money

By Mary Ann, 2 months ago with 23 comments

Find out the 3 things a newbie can do to attract private money before you make a deal. Read More

Small 1435255619 avatar kove4life

I've got an itch

By Nathan Yee, 9 days ago with 0 comments

My introduction to BiggerPockets and the world of real-estate investing Read More

Small 1399444769 avatar moonburn

Square One

By Joshua Small, 16 days ago with 2 comments

The first entry of my real estate education. Read More

Small 1423748224 avatar erickg1

Its all about timing. And Location. And your location in time.

By Erick Garske, 9 days ago with 0 comments

I look forward to sharing my formula on how to flip a property in twenty five years or less. Read More

Small 1433939006 avatar hartrealm

A Near Perfect FSBO Experience! (Part 1 of 3)

By Michael Hart, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Key Point: My house was showroom ready, but I wasn't! As a seller I should've been looking for opportunities to ask "Would You Like To Make An Offer?" Read More

Small 1412307731 avatar nicholasbaldo

Avoiding 3 Common Pitfalls to Nail your After Repair Value (ARV)

By Nick Baldo, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Perhaps the most important factor impacting the success of your rehab project is what you sell it for. This article identifies three common mistakes. Read More

Small 1420642914 avatar dano3


By Dan Oliver, 9 days ago with 0 comments

Investors are always looking for the most value out of their property, but how can they be sure they've investigated the investment propertly? Read More

Small 1432215128 avatar bklein

How to Buy an Apartment with No Money Down

By Bernard Klein, 12 days ago with 3 comments

Do you have cash flow but not enough cash to buy a property? You can still buy a place, and here are some tips to get you there. Read More

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