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Getting a lead from my first failed negotiation

By John Patrick Lantin, 22 days ago.

You never know what a lead can turn into. I was negotiating for the first time with a "semi-motivated" seller who was moving and needed to sell his house. Ended up not taking my offer ...
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Day 13 - 17 of 90 (03/29/14 - 04/02/14)

By Dan Holden, 21 days ago.

Day 13 - 17 of 90 (03/29/14 - 04/02/14) To be honest not much has happened on this end. I attempted to talk to my father about possible funding and his response was what I shou...
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How To Vet A Crowdfunded Development Opportunity

By Bryan Hancock, 22 days ago.

This is from one of my blog posts for iFunding that I thought I'd reproduce here for BP's benefit ;-) As an investor you should be concerned that the project you’re participating...
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Starting in MFH?? Read this and Bring your Questions

By Aaron Montague, 23 days ago.

Q: I like the concept of MFH investing, where should I start? Short Response: 1. Eliminate your rent payment 2. Bring all deals to the BP community (and be humbl...
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Walk... Every... Unit...

By Andrew Syrios, 24 days ago.

A friend of mine, in the midst of a bad divorce and after a long look for a new real estate project, purchased a 40 unit apartment while relying primarily on a subordinate to ...
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Indulge In Premarital Mortgage But Don’t Get Caught Without A Curtain

By Frank Iglesias, 24 days ago.

Indulge in a premarital mortgage but don't get caught without a curtain. Oh, no! I am not being naughty here. This has something to do with buying your first home. So don't raise y...
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$250/Month Profit for 17 Years – Hassle Free

By Brady Ernst, 26 days ago.

This was the second deal of my investing career. I bought another large house close to the college campus. This house could be used as a duplex or a single family simply by closing and...
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Conquer Your Clutter!

By Drew Sygit, 26 days ago.

It’s kind of like working out — you’ll be impressed by what a few minutes a few times a week can eventually build up to. Sometimes, life gets in the way — a long string of late w...
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My First Deal: Buying a Party House in College

By Brady Ernst, about 1 month ago.

I am going to follow up my first blog post which was a short overview of my investing career, with the details of my very first purchase. I went to college in a small town in...
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Late rents and what they mean

By Eric D., 26 days ago.

A little unconventional wisdom based on mortgage payment default rates. You took in a renter, and now it is the first week of the month, and no rent is in hand. Should you be...
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The 4 Most Common "Objections" and How to Handle Them

By Jerry Puckett, 27 days ago.

Your phone ringing off the hook is usually a very good problem to have. Unless you lack the experience to move through your calls quickly. Quite a few of my clients have been experie...
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Day 12 of 90 (03/28/14)

By Dan Holden, 26 days ago.

Day 12 of 90 (03/28/14) Today I answered a lot of Gails questions although I'm sure I wasn't much help. She said we might be able to do a USDA loan (yes, I thought about beef too...
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Day 9 - 11 (03/25/14 - 03/27/14)

By Dan Holden, 26 days ago.

Day 9 of 90 (03/25/14) I got to have lunch with my potential mentors today. I realize that I haven't said who they are and it's mostly because I don't want to have them get flood...
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Mortgage Broker, 2014

By Guy Heath, 26 days ago.

Mortgage Broker, I wasn't ready for a Mortgage Broker. I'm looking for a deal, I'm putting in the time, I'm learning. But, something inside me said, hey, I probably should get pre-app...
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Buyers, Why Assume When You Can Ask

By Frank Iglesias, 27 days ago.

Buyers, why assume when you can ask? When you've been in the real estate for quite sometime chances are you will have learned by now that sellers come in different characters. T...
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