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Seller's Acknowlegement - CYA

By Brian Gibbons, 15 days ago with 0 comments

Seller's Acknowlegement - Cover Your Assets - CYA Agreement Read More


First Step of Home Selling: Choosing an Agnt

By Simon Ru, 16 days ago with 0 comments

Finding an agent can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. Here are some tips and advice to make the agent process go smoothly. Read More


"Hack" of the Week - 10/6/14 -How to NOT Chase Tenants for their Rent

By Wendell De Guzman, 18 days ago with 7 comments

Avoid having to chase the rent. With a software and your printer, you can be in control...finally! Read More


Lessons Learned (part 1)

By Justin Fraser, 22 days ago with 1 comment

Justin identifies how he can improve the way screens tenants and more effectively manage his property. Read More


From Mommy to Mommypreneur

By Michelle Branciforte Cruz, 21 days ago with 1 comment

The BIG question is "Where do I begin to start my Real Estate Investor journey?" and "Who should I be connecting with? Read More


They called me a slumlord

By Dawn Anastasi, 2 months ago with 41 comments

Dedicated to those who get made fun of for real estate investing, who can have the last laugh when their hard work pays off in financial freedom! Read More


Buying homes through a tax sale

By Bettina Settles, 18 days ago with 0 comments

Tax sales are not for everybody and before you consider attempting to buy a home through a tax sale make certain you educate yourself. Read More


Don't worry about the cost. What's the value?

By Erik Stark, 18 days ago with 0 comments

The Savvy Buyers Guide To Getting More Than You Paid For Read More


First year, Three projects!

By Jeffrey Rollon, 20 days ago with 1 comment

Journey to Closing Escrow! Read More


"Hack" of 9/29/14- How to Wholesale a HUD Deal Without A Double Close

By Wendell De Guzman, 25 days ago with 3 comments

You can wholesale a HUD deal without the need for a transactional lender and you don't need to do a double close. Read More


Thoughts on Beverly Carter’s Murder

By Katie McCartney, 21 days ago with 1 comment

Thoughts about the safety and dangers of Real Estate. Read More


09.26.14 Our Current Applicant Pool, Part 2

By Michele Fischer, 28 days ago with 5 comments

Real life scenario or applications currently in hand and our thought process on how to proceed. Read More


Where Are The Mobile Homes In Your City?

By John Fedro, 22 days ago with 0 comments

Below is a quick common-sense grouping of most towns and cities around the country. Please keep in mind that this in no-way relates to every city... Read More


The Adverse Action Notice: A Landlord’s Guide

By Dan DeMott, 22 days ago with 0 comments

The Adverse Action Notice: What landlords MUST know if using credit reports, background checks, or third party tenant screening. Read More


The Pre-Construction Flip is Born and I start doubling money!

By Michael Evans, about 1 month ago with 1 comment

Pre-Construction Flip doubles money in 6 months! Read More

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