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Small 1412218436 avatar doubleahomessc

My Flip Adventures - No Contracts

By Lizina Green, 12 days ago with 0 comments

In this short blog I share my first flip experience. Read More

Small 1403634043 avatar nonbankloans

R.E. Investor Hesitates to Back Out of Deal to Save Sunk Costs

By Corey Dutton, 13 days ago with 0 comments

What every real estate investor should know about hard money lenders. Read More

Small 1434739244 avatar kawika

5 Common Questions from Rental Property Owners

By Kawika Burgess, 18 days ago with 5 comments

Use the tips found in these short answers to 5 common questions from rental property owners to increase the returns on your rental properties. Read More

Small 1419699329 avatar jjpawlowski

Keep Your Vacant Properties Safe By Following These Steps

By JJ Pawlowski, 3 months ago with 1 comment

What happens when you don't protect your property? It's all too common that eventually that vacant property will be broken into or damaged. Read More

Small 1421870167 avatar devanm

How to do direct mail with no money

By Devan Mcclish, 13 days ago with 0 comments

Getting started in direct mail with little money Read More

Small 1399790671 avatar ejourneyer

A Process for Increasing Your Odds of Profitably Flipping Properties

By Eric Fernwood, 13 days ago with 0 comments

A process for increasing your odds of profitably flipping properties. Read More

Small 1437424602 avatar gvejzovic

Depreciation Deduction Details

By Goran Vejzovic, 13 days ago with 0 comments

Depreciation Deduction Details Read More

Small 1437424602 avatar gvejzovic

Rent Ready Condition

By Goran Vejzovic, 13 days ago with 0 comments

Rent Ready Condition of Your Rental Property Guide. Read More

Small 1399588410 avatar pharmerjeff

A Lose Lose Deal May Be Fairer Than a Win Win Deal.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Win win deals are often really win lose deals. The lose lose deal may actually be the fairest. Read More

Small 1436007604 avatar kjsinterests

My First Investment Property, Part 4: Actually Make Money

By Kevin Siedlecki, 14 days ago with 2 comments

The last step on your first investment: what you'll have to do between closing on the property and collecting the rent. Read More

Small 1427568040 avatar sams17

Two birds, one stone. One down, one to go!

By Sam Sharata, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Sometimes what you think is a great deal may not necessarily be so... Read More

Small 1402847119 avatar fischem

Playing the Waiting Game

By Michele Fischer, 16 days ago with 1 comment

Update of most recent move out, including move out letter, new property manager, and getting ready to do it again in a few weeks. Read More

Small 1434121322 avatar greggallucci

The Beginning - What to do?

By Greg Gallucci, 18 days ago with 3 comments

As a new investor this post helps you determine your best course of action in starting your Real Estate venture. Read More

Small 1399681191 avatar mwwagner
Small 1436646341 avatar drummin

Confidence: The First Step to Success

By Eric Anderson, 20 days ago with 5 comments

Some thoughts about building your confidence and how BP has helped build mine. Read More

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