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“I Have a Question For You…Call Me Back.”

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 20 days ago with 6 comments

Be conscious of the impression you leave when you contact a potential client or partner. Read More


Our First Investment Flip House in Newark, NJ

By Kevin Hill, 7 months ago with 6 comments

Blog chronicling the process of my client's first investment flip in the City of Newark, New Jersey with pictures. Read More


Las Vegas Real Estate Market

By CHRISTINA UNRUH, 18 days ago with 0 comments

We are experiencing the ebb and flow of the market. Homes have gone up in price 25% this year...2015 will pick up speed. Read More


Are you flipping serious?

By Bret Nida, 18 days ago with 0 comments

Are flipping serious? Three of the most overlooked updates I have seen other "fix n flippers" do to cut cost. Read More


Attributes I stay away from when buying rentals

By Dawn Anastasi, 11 months ago with 17 comments

Attributes of a property to stay away from. Read More


11 Days til closing

By Randon Bowerman, 24 days ago with 5 comments

And overview of what we have done since having our offer accepted on our first duplex. Read More


4 Contingencies Your Offer to Purchase Rental Property Should Include

By James Kobzeff, 19 days ago with 0 comments

Contingency clauses common to commercial and residential income property that protect investors who submit an offer to purchase investment real estate Read More


In Search of the Silver Bullet

By Terry Martin-Back, 19 days ago with 0 comments

Don't get caught up in the hype... learn how to invest the right way. Read More


Questions newbies ask about buying rental property

By Dawn Anastasi, 9 months ago with 5 comments

Questions newbies ask when buying their first rental property. Read More


How Pilot Training lessons have helped me in Real Estate #1

By Tyler Flagg, 28 days ago with 2 comments

The OODA Loop helps fighter pilots react quickly to a changing environment. If used correctly, it can also help those with "analysis paralysis." Read More


Hack of Wk of 10/27 - How to be a Diligent Wholesaler

By Wendell De Guzman, 26 days ago with 6 comments

This blog post contains a very simple, yet powerful strategy to successfully wholesale properties. Read More


An HVAC repair nightmare

By Terry Martin-Back, 20 days ago with 0 comments

The difficulty finding reliable, honest and affordable service providers is very difficult. Use your networking skills to find the right. Read More


Home Ownership is not an Investment

By Terry Martin-Back, 20 days ago with 0 comments

Your home will gain value over the years, I encourage you to enjoy your home and treat it as an investment. Read More


The Intruder

By Terry Martin-Back, 20 days ago with 0 comments

There is protection from having creatures enter you home through plumbing vents. Read More


Is your house ready for you to get old?

By Terry Martin-Back, 20 days ago with 0 comments

Accessibility properties are going to be in greater demand over the next 15 years, whether to seniors or physically Handicap. Read More

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