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Professional Full-Time Real Estate Investor and Developer. I currently specialize in flipping luxury homes with values above $1M. I also educate clients and colleagues on how to invest in real estate using cash, IRA's and 401k's, how to maximize their earning potentials for retirement, and how to use creative and advanced strategies to reduce taxes, limit risk, and apply leverage responsibly.


I have experience in almost every aspect of real estate investing including: spec building, rehabbing, wholesaling, landlording, short sales, land development, notes, and more. I do millions of dollars in real estate transactions each year.

Real Estate Goals

Through my commitment, experience, and expertise, Barnard Enterprises, Inc strives to create wealth through real estate. Personal Goals: Buy as many rehab flip properties as possible and leverage my contacts and relationhips to provide great rehab deals for my company and investors. I also strive to increase my passive investments by purchasing apartment buildings and performing notes.

Currently Seeking

Seeking additonal private money lenders for my RE investment opportunities.

Looking to acquire several apartment buildings of 60 doors or more in TX for long to holds and investors wanting the opportunity to be part of the syndications.

Also seeking performing notes to buy throughout the country as well as rehab flip opportunities in Southern CA, particularly deals in the luxury market.



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Will has been great to work with and is always happy to answer my questions. He is of the highest integrity and I hope one day to get into the fix and flip business like him. When I do, he'll be the first one I call.

Straight up guy that delivers. Would and will work with him again. He knows what he is talking about.

Will has been a pleasure to work with! His extensive knowledge in the foreclosure market and rehabs have been vital to me! I look forward to doing more business with Will.

Will's extensive knowledge of the RE industry has helped me tremendously. His word is good whether it be day or night. He's been there to guide me every time I needed a helping hand. I look forward to collaborating with Will again in the near future.

It has been a pleasure working with Will. He is very knowledgeable and has lot of experience and connections. I look forward to working with Will even more in the future.

Spot on. Delivered exactly as promised.

Will Barnard and Michael Gier of Nationwide are outstanding with what they offer an investor. They are completely dedicated to teaching investors "how" to be successful investors and doing their due deligence before they even sell a property. Their deal opportunities are very sound and they stick with you the investor not only during the buying process, but all the way through until i... Read More

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