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Big 1430279229 avatar brentano

Brent P.

  • Banker from Chicago, Illinois
  • Stearns Lending, Inc

  • 9 Colleagues
  • 2 Following

Brent has 9 Colleagues

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Small 1400598714 avatar adriang

Adrian G.
Real Estate Investor
Chicago, IL

Small 1399035998 avatar eric3

Eric Michaels
Real Estate Lender
Chicago, IL

Small 1432160883 avatar ryanod

Ryan ODonnell
Real Estate Investor
Westchester, IL

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Small 1411098221 avatar ofelia ladao

Ofelia Ladao
Chicago, IL

Small 1399727635 avatar bobewoldt

Bob Ewoldt
Naperville, IL

No avatar small

Jeff Kidd
Rockford / Freeport / Chicagoland, IL

Small 1399594318 avatar 3477099456

Dale Bowrin
Real Estate Investor
Brooklyn, NY

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Small 1398869909 avatar distresseddeals

Henry B. Torn
Real Estate Investor
Chicago, IL

Small 1399050678 avatar burkeexyz

Eoin B.
Real Estate Investor