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My experience runs the gamut from an exciting career in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, to the entrepreneurial, having created and launched the Dugout Hero ( while being a stay-at-home Mom. I am originally from Ohio, spent 18 years in Los Angeles, and currently reside in Nashville, TN.


I have always been a real estate hobbyist in keeping up with trends and knowing my local market. I have bought and remodeled 3 homes so far and I have 1 investment property. I pulled permits as the owner/builder and managed my most extensive project myself in Los Angeles. I will never forget loading 9-90 lb. bags of concrete onto my flat at Home Depot. I could barely get it to the register, much less my truck. I'll admit it, after loading 4 bags, I played the "girl card" as a construction guy was passing by. He helped me load the rest and I learned an important lesson that day. Home Depot delivers. Bringing homes back to their former glory (or better) is very exciting to me. I love the smell of sawdust and turpentine. A property's cosmetic condition is of little consequence. I can always see the diamond in the rough.

Real Estate Goals

After years of being a real estate junkie, I am finally pursuing a real estate license. My ultimate goal is to be an investor. I plan to fix and flip as well as fix and hold depending on the property and market conditions.

Currently Seeking

I am currently seeking information and opportunities! Bigger Pockets has been a wealth of information and I continue to learn from this site and the members on it. I am also seeking an investor-friendly broker in the Nashville area.



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