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I am 34 years old, Married and father of 2. I am looking to make a better life for my family than the one I had growing up. I have always wanted to get into real estate but I just don't know how. I moved from NY to Las Vegas and I wanted to get started in real estate, I just feel so insecure on being able to do a deal without messing it up somehow.


I have zero real estate experience other than buying my own place (which I am now loosing)

Real Estate Goals

I hope to have a passive income of at least 15k a month and earned income (through RE deals) of at least 10k a month in 10 years.

Currently Seeking

I am seeking someone willing to guide me on my first few deals until I feel comfortable to do it on my own. Someone that would be willing to mentor a newbie into the exciting world of Real estate investing.



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