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Raymond, Washington


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I've worked in many different fields. Logging, Law Enforcement, Heavy Equipment Operator, Construction ect. However, I realize none of those can get me out of the "rat race" as real estate investing can. Like many investing in real estate, my paradigm shift came after reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Over the past year I have been on a mission of financial education. I am now focusing and working to build streams of income instead of just working for income, with the main stream being positive cash flowing rental real estate.


After a couple of years of analysis paralysis, I officially began investing in Real Estate in June 2013. I currently own a few cash flowing rental properties and I am vigorously working at acquiring many more! I have also begun wholesaling properties, all while working a full time job. I am eagerly working toward the exit door of the "rat race"!

Real Estate Goals

To focus and build my REI portfolio with cash flowing multifamily, small commercial and sfr rental properties. My goal is to build my passive income to exceed my expenses and officially be able to exit the "Rat Race".

Currently Seeking

Currently I'm seeking to network and connect with other experienced investors and real estate professionals.

Seeking others who are interested in joint venturing/partnering on cash flow rental properties.

Also looking for individuals and professionals who would like to earn passive income from a favorable rate of return on secured, positive cash flow rental properties.

Also seeking SFR, and multifamily properties.


Washington Oregon

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