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Hey there, My name is Jerome Harrod II, and I'm a young laid-back 22yr old Residential Lease-Option Investor in Baltimore,MD.

I've come a long way in this industry in the last five years. Thanks to God, my teachers, and alot of determination with hard work I feel that I reached the start of a great future.

I handle my business very honorably, treat whoever I work with respectfully, and I expect the same from whoever I work with.

Real Estate Goals

To have done a deal in all fields of real estate transactions from Commercial to Notes.

Currently Seeking

I'am looking for nice homes (Worth $120k or more) in great areas close to good school systems in Maryland. I do give refferal fees, so if you find something give my a ring and lets talk.

On the side, I run into properties that have repair costs too rich for my blood, and are usually 55% of ARV or so.
Let me know if you are into rehabs and I'll send you what I have, if I have any.



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